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Activity and Company profile

 of  DDS

DDS  employee working the follow hours.:
  Morning Afternoon
Monday 10:00 tot 12:15 13:15 tot 16:45
Tuesday till Thursday  09:00 tot 12:15 13:15 tot 16:45
Friday 09:00 tot 12:15 13:15 tot 15:00
Saterday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed
Telefoon: 088 0 337 337 (088 0 DDS DDS)
Fax: 088 0 337 336

Tel.: ++31 88 0 337 337 (088 0 DDS DDS)
Fax:++31 88 0 337 33

Visiting adress Netherlands
Industrial ground "Stenakker"
Laagsteen 29 
NL-4815-PH Breda
Post adress Netherlands
DDS AntenneKabel Trading
Industrial ground "Stenakker"
Laagsteen 29 
NL-4815-PH Breda
Post adress Belgium
DDS AntenneKabel Trading
P/o Box 61 
B-2320 Hoogstraten 

History DDS 

DDS was started up in 1993 and became an official company in januari 1994 with the goal of selling and the distribution of equitment and spare parts for Tele-communication, Data-communication, Telemetrie and the Navigationmarket.

In the beginning of the year 2000 the company was reorganised and specified in Sales, Trading, Export and  offering solutions for all the problems and questions concerning these articels 

In 2002/2003 the company  DDS changed hands and got a new ownwer

The new name is DDS Electronics Europe B.V , but the company also still trades under the name DDS  Electronics, DDS Antenna Kabel en various other names  

DDS Electronics Europe B.V. is sinds 2003 a part of the  NOAD Enterprise holding B.V. Group

1. Who is DDS Kabel & Connector Trading ?.

DDS Electronics is active within the market of mobile communication in every sense possible. As a mobile communicationexpert DDS has 10 years of experience in delivering , building and maintenance of mobile( Data) systems .Voor large orders DDS never hesitated to find solutions. For filling in any gaps within your communication DDS has many options to help you in that area 

2.Were can you find us?

DDS Electronics is located at the Laagsteen 29, postelcode 4815 PH Breda and you can phone us on the number  +31 88 0 337 337. Beside beeing availeble bij telephone DDS also has a very professial webside. You can find that Webside at  You take your time to visit our website and be suprise yourself about everything we have to offer you.  

2. The activities.

Sale of Data)-Communicatie, HF en Telemetrie- parts. Antenna, Connectors, hoogfrequent techniek, programming and  advanged measuring and testing equitment. 


Sale of Crimping Tools and assembly Machine products.



Printing out roadmap to DDS Holland is possible

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